The End

I took the gun and pointed it
to my chest, with shakey
hands and sweaty palms I was
full of unrest.

In my left hand was a bottle
of cheap liquor which I liked
to drink plain, this, had been
helping me numb away the

But the pain was now too
much to bear, all the questions
with no answers made me
hate every breath of fresh air.

Every sip I took stirred up
more emotion, this is what I
liked to call ‘the magic

But the magic it used to
contain was now long gone, I
used to be a king but now
there was no longer a throne.

Memories of her started
flashing in my head, at this
point the only thing left for
me was to be dead.

I took one last gulp and flung
the bottle in the air, my lungs
were filled with the smell of
fresh gun powder and when
the bottle hit the ground, I no longer stood there . . .

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